Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A New Year's Resolution: Prepare for the Unexpected

Trying to come up with a New Year's resolution for 2016!? Why not draft or review your estate plan!? I'm sure it has been on your priority list for awhile now. 

By creating or updating your estate plan, you can accomplish many things: 
  • Select a guardian for your minor children; 
  • Minimize estate taxes; 
  • Help avoid family conflict; 
  • Choose someone to make medical, financial and legal decisions on your behalf in case you are unable to do so; 
  • Provide for your spouse, children, family and others; 
  • Give to a favorite nonprofit; 
  • Save money and time in settling your estate;   
  • Protect assets from creditors; 
  • Leave a legacy; and 
  • Achieve peace of mind. 
You may be surprised to learn that the estate planning process is much more manageable than that weight-loss goal that you have been contemplating. It might even cost less than that new gym membership downtown. Plus, it sure beats giving up sweets (in my humble opinion)!

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